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I run regular photography workshops in the UK and Slovenia, in stunning locations such as the Jurassic Coast, Lake Bled, Bohinj, Vintgar gorge. For more info visit my website:


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About me


I am a freelance travel writer and photographer from the UK, but now based in Slovenia. I am the author and photographer of three travel narrative books and one travel guide to ancient Ireland, Mysterious World: Ireland ( I have also written for several magazines, including Mysterious World, backpacker Ireland, Walking World Ireland, and the Slovenia Times newspaper. My photography has been published in Mysterious World, Living Abroad Magazine, Bradt Travel Guides, Lonely Planet, Cambridge University Press and the Slovenia Times newspaper, to name but a few.


My writing and photography was born from the urge to travel to exotic countries. A four-month journey around Mexico in 1997 filled me with the desire to capture the wonderful life and scenery that had filled my eyes and fuelled my imagination. Unfortunately back then all I had was a very old compact camera with a severely scratched lens, so the images taken were questionable to say the least. But through the foggy, blurred surface I saw the potential in what was there and, upon return, decided to invest in my first SLR and start to learn how to take better photos.


From humble beginnings with a second hand Olympus OM10 I learned my art the hard way, without the aid of today’s modern digital cameras. As the years progressed I travelled around the world taking photos and writing about my experiences. Having travelled extensively through Australia, Mexico, North America, Europe, South America, Cuba and New Zealand, I have now amassed a huge library of images and while specialising in travel, also shoot editorial, sports, landscapes, wildlife and people.


I now shoot mostly digital with a Canon EOS 5D and 300D, but also cling on to the last vestiges of film with a Canon 300.


It’s my hope that in the senility of my twilight years when I am shrivelled and grey, sitting in a rocking chair with my pipe, slippers and incontinence pants I will be able to look at all my books and photographs and think: “blimey! Did I really do all that?”


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