I am Justa Traveler.....

At this writing, I begin year seven of my journey to see, personally, the marvelous natural landscapes that are America.

I have done my best, for the most part, to shun cities and even most towns, (except for supply runs). I witness God's creations and marvel at the beauty and intricate and delicate detail of what I have been blessed to see.

As you can see, I am a lover of the "Hudson River School" and also the "Works Project Administration", (Depression Era artists); I have added their influence to some of these photos. They reflect what the camera has captured....and what my heart has seen.

My hope is that they are pleasing to your heart too. I have taken back my heart in these seven years of journeying, and I have learned a few things:

"It does not require many words to speak the truth" - Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

"You know that certain things catch your eye, but pursue only the things that capture your heart" - Oglala Sioux

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