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I kept my Pro subscription going up until 2015, but then it just seemed silly to spend more on paying for Flickr than I get to spend on film in a year. Which kind of says it all really (see below). Should I ever get to shoot lots of film again it'll probably still make it's way to flickr, but only via syndication from my site.


I'm going to hate the ads.




I've always liked making pictures.


When I was a teenager it was with pens and pencils. Looking back at those pictures I wouldn't say I was particularly talented (at all!), but I did at least have the balls to have a go and not worry about what other people thought. Unfortunately I lost the way a bit at Uni and concentrated far too much on technical skills, never really worrying about my creative drawing ability and always assuming it was something I could pick right back up. By the time I realised that wasn't the case it was too late - my skills had gone downhill, but far worse after all that time apart my passion had waned.


After uni I had a ball making moving pictures. It was only for a couple of years, but I discovered I had a love for video editing. Learning and using Apple Motion and Final Cut Express were probably the most fun things I've ever done on a computer. However, the equipment costs, even on a most basic level (I never moved beyond a basic miniDV camera), were just not sustainable and so I was forced to leave that hobby behind.


After a couple of years in the wilderness I decided to switch to photography, realising that I could get a film SLR kit for £13 since everyone had gone digital (which is perverse as when I was into video I always fancied getting a cine camera, but couldn't because of the cost). Turns out I love photography too.


And that should be the end of story. I should just be merrily making pictures with camera in hand, but it seems that my love is not quite enough...

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