Human Needs Project (HNP) is a San Francisco-based organization working to provide Clean Drinking water to families in urban slum areas in Africa/Asia, while also providing access to knowledge, skill-sets and basic services.


Slums as Prisons

There are many ongoing efforts to provide water in rural areas, - small projects which can provide water to small groups of people, cheaply and quickly.


However, in urban areas all over the world, hundreds of thousands of desperately poor people - 1 billion people world wide – are living in inhuman conditions, gathered into areas with no systems available to deal with their needs and refuse. The slums have as little access to clean water as rural areas – and the number of people accumulated into relatively small areas overwhelm the meager services they are able to create.


The lack of sanitation combined with the lack of water creates constant critical health crisis for slum populations because of enhanced opportunities of contagion and propagation due to the overwhelming presence of open areas of defecation and ‘flying toilets surrounding the few access points of water.


Furthermore, the effects of living in the slums have far-reaching consequences on new generations growing up in them. For children being raised there, the slum is sentence to a lifetime of more of it. Poverty as prison. Opportunities for escape are very few. For many, it is also a death sentence – In Kibera, waterborne diseases kill twenty percent of children under five.


HNP programs will provide the tools to create opportunities for change, while providing clean water, sanitation and information to reduce infection from water-borne diseases

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