I came to flickr.com because of a coincidence. I read an article in a magazine and simply checked this site out.
Then I saw the possibilities and the potential of sharing photos. I like exchanging thoughts and opinions on basis of photos. Everyone can show his world and others can take part in it.
The quality of those pics is overwhelming. People don´t only show their holiday-pics, they perform a special way of art. Most of the pics I saw on flickr "want so say something" or have got a deeper intention which has to be discovered by the spectator. Some people combine their photos with poems or "warm words".
The fact, to klick on every place on earth in a second, search special things or communicate with good photographers makes flickr my favorite website I ever visited.
Now I´m going deeper and deeper to discover the best photos the world has to offer. I´ll try to contribute my part to that whole system. With my camera, a Nikon D80, every door stands open to do that. (I think) You will help me to reach that goal by giving me tips, comments, critics and praises.
The last months I learned lots of techniques, skills, point of views, photographic laws leading how to come to the "PERFECT SHOT".

Additionally I´m an absolute NYC-Fan.For me this is the best, nicest and friendliest city I ever knew. Every free minute I have, I fly over the Atlantic Ocean to place my feet on Manhattan´s ground. ;-) NYC also is a very cool, maybe the best place to take good urban photos. Some people call it an alive stage... -> I totally agree to that...

"There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself; for what we see is what we are."

Now, the world of photos is waiting, let´s conquer it... ;-)

My cameras:

Nikon D7000
Nikon D80
Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens
Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
Sigma 10-20mm wideangle lens
Sigma 105mm macro-lens
2 Nikon SB600 Speedlights (flash)
Manfrotto 190X ProB tripod
I-MAC 24 Inch

Point ´n shoot:
Olympus C40Zoom

visit my website: www.reflectedimagery.com

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Please take care of the copyrights on my pics. If you like to purchase one of my photos please let me know via flickr-mail or to hughes500@gmx.net
I´ve got a webshop on my site, so maybe your desired image already is available for purchasing.

Are you interested in virtual tour through NYC´s most famous places??? Then klick the "virtual-tour" link....

Additionally I administrate the NYC Sax-Player community

And here is my new Widget created with fd´s flickrtoys:

hughes500. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

Photos of Hughes500 (5)

  •  by makiiphotos
  • Strawberry impact by drasir
  • +[ Horse Jumping ]+ by Mahmood Alnajjar (wain alwefa)
  • +[ فرس فرس مشية فرس ]+ by Mahmood Alnajjar (wain alwefa)
  • MIDNIGHT POISON,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, by marzieh82

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    msc-ρңσtođєѕіgη ( NEW 2nd STREAM )->moved says:

    "Christian was one of the first persons i met when joining flickr. When starting flickring and you got no plan what to do, where are the places to be...it is nice to have a helping hand: Hughes500 was it to me. Also he gave me some real good inspirations with his work. He is not one of the mainstream Photo-Takers, he got inovative ideas which makes it a real pleasure to walk in his stream.

    He also helped me with many questions on how to do something. Hughes500 is a inner part of flickr to me, i will watch his work in future and i know that also critical comments are accepted.

    Only negative thing to say is that Christian has reduced his work in the last weeks...hope to see more shots from you!"

    March 24th, 2007

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    KellyB. says:

    "After a recent trip to NY I was searching Flickr for photos of the places I had seen when I came upon Hughes500's photos. They seem to capture the very essance of the city I had briefly seen but quickly loved.

    He has an eye to capture the grandiose without losing the humanity of the city. To quote him, "[New York] is so many sided, multi-cultural and individual, has so much to offer and to discover". I'm sure he will continue to search, uncover, and share all the this beautiful city has to offer."

    August 21st, 2006

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    stefg says:

    "If someone can do more with Flikr and a digitalcam than Hughes500 can... please show me his pictures.
    One of the best collections i have seen around Flikr.
    I love the idea and his own Virtual World Tour.

    You can add his Photostream to youre Fav. :)"

    November 21st, 2005

Christian Schierig
March 2005
Düsseldorf, Germany
I am:
My official website
hughes500 [at] gmx.net