I am a software consultant/developer.

The older photos that have “PDC” in the description and lack EXIF were shot on Kodak Gold 200 film using a Canon EOS 500N camera. The pictures were scanned from the film and written on Kodak Photo CD at the resolution of 3072 pixels by 2048 pixels.

Legal stuff: Please don’t email about photo permissions. Everything is covered below:

You may, at your option, use any photo that I have licensed under a 2.0 series Creative Commons license under the 2.5 or 3.0 series license with the same license elements instead. That is, you may use any photo that I have licensed under CC-by 2.0 under CC-by 2.5 or CC-by 3.0 instead if you so choose. This permission does not extend to photos that I have not marked as CC-by licensed! If I have not marked some photo CC-by, I usually have a reason not to.

Any license that I grant to photos hosted on Flickr is a grant only under my copyright and/or copyright-like right to a photograph. I don’t grant any license or waiver for third-party rights. You should exercise caution in use of the photos if you have a reason to suspect that a third-party release or waiver could be necessary. (For example, France has some pretty crazy policies regarding photos of buildings. Moreover, none of my photos come with a model release.)

My lawyer charges €120 per hour, so please don’t suggest I sign a contract you’ve drafted unless you offer so much money to make it worthwhile after legal review! Seriously, just pay your lawyer to figure the above Creative Commons stuff out.

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Henri Sivonen
July 2006
Helsinki, Finland
Software Consultant/Developer
hsivonen [at] hsivonen.fi