Hryck: (herk) noun. Amateur photographer, barista, insomniac, social worker, occasional cowboy.

I recently conned my way into a job as a therapist. We should all be very afraid of that.

I'm also Editor-At-Large for Strongbox Magazine. Check it out and let me know if you're interested in submitting a little something something.

I had all my pictures on here as Creative Commons. Recently, I became aware that some of my pictures have been used without my permission or consent by some pretty major businesses. While I am flattered, I would've liked being asked. Therefore, I'm changing the setting to all of my pictures. If you want to use something, just ask. If you take something without asking, well, don't.

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    xavius says:

    "Todd is one of the better people on the planet, he's the kind of guy you ask to watch your dogs for you and in addition to that he does your dishes. He's always willing to push you a little harder to accomplish your best and recognizes you for doing it. I think he thinks about himself last in any situation..."

    January 13th, 2009

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    jen.dobbs says:

    "Todd has a passion for Pittsburgh and people like i have never seen within a person. He takes the time to show you the potential and life that lives that breathes in what others have forgotten.

    I am blessed to have this gentleman as a dear friend."

    December 31st, 2008

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    The Guncle says:

    "he's got a great eye and a huge middle finger"

    December 11th, 2008

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    nattywoohoo says:

    ""Hryckowian" just happens to have this warm heart and extremely passionate nature that is not only portrayed through his photographs, but also in his stories. His devotion to his craft, friends, and career are what makes him such an honorable and wonderful Flickr friend. And the fact that he is willing to write such lovely things about a stranger just sums up how amazing he is. So, in summation: [(talent + passion) / humor] - attitude = Hryckowian."

    October 12th, 2008

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    Jilly in Philly says:

    "i've come to believe that hryck is my long lost twin brother. of course, this means one of us is lying about our age."

    September 17th, 2008

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    Frabuleuse says:

    "Todd is serious°°°
    °°° Todd is frenzied
    Todd is shy °°°
    °°°Todd is exuberant
    Todd has images°°°
    °°° Todd has words
    Todd is better than
    bacon. Plausibly."

    January 23rd, 2008

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    chitofran says:

    "i got to know of a certain Todd Hryckowian through flickr. i was instantly amused by his witty descriptions to his equally witty photos (do you describe a photo as "witty"? oh man...)

    somebody said that you will know a man by the photos he take (i lied, nobody said that, just me). through his collection of photos and tales of (mis)adventures, i got to know him to be a good person. i mean, a barista and a social worker? i've never met him personally but i like the man already!

    i have since changed my flickr relationship with him from a contact to a friend."

    December 11th, 2007

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    顔なし says:

    "Siberian Tigers, Graffiti, and above all, Zombies, beware! Todd Hyrkowian has your names and knows your numbers and I swear to god he once indian arm-wrestled an alligator for 30 straight hours and didn't break a sweat. He's faster than the Flash, more Incredible than the Incredible Hulk, and once he gets an inside man at 3M he'll be more web sling-ier than Spider-Man. And that's only talking about his secret identity."

    March 18th, 2007

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    JacLou says:

    "there's always a good observation, history lesson, bukowski poem, bacon-havin'-bar or breakfast-at-the-diner story here in hryckowianville. i always depart feeling very nourished and/or wanting to have a drink. i visit often."

    January 26th, 2007

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    aperitive says:

    "Todd is a straight up, patient individual, quick with a kind word and comment, quicker yet with a compelling photo. His photographic skills may show you a side you might not want to see, but once bared it will draw you in and leave you wanting more. The accompanying text is an easy read, spoken with sensitivity and humor. You would do well to add him to your contacts list, which, you're probably thinking of anyway because why else would you be here?"

    November 26th, 2006

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    elston says:

    "Mr Hryckowian has an amazing stream of images, most of them from the city of Pittsburgh, but it's not the Pittsburgh you're accustomed to seeing. Todd is always taking the streets and alleys less travelled, to bring you some of the best, and a little of the worst, that Pittsburgh has to offer. He's got a great eye.

    However, it's not the images that are the best thing about Todd. The best thing about Todd is Todd himself; he's a first class human being. If you can count Todd as a friend of yours, you are indeed a lucky person."

    July 20th, 2006

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    joey kennedy says:

    "Todd is quietly the most thoughtful, helpful, and caring person i have YET met in my personal and professional life. Just Something about this guy is special, there is NOTHING phony about his goodness. Its genuine, all the way to the heart...and its reached mine. This guy pitches in when there is work to be done, NEVER complains, always stays positive and looks like a Super Model doing it, LOL!

    Really fantastic person here that i have had the honor to get to know! Thanks for all your SUPPORT Todd! Your such a CLASSY CLASSY Person Bro!"

    May 1st, 2006

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    btezra says:

    "~if the 80's are looking for a poster child I am referring them to a fotag he possesses the ability to impress the eye and at the same time crack you's been a pleasure getting to know him, his sense of humor is addictive and he's never w/out a smile, he's just a damn good person, and that's's to all the images yet taken and all the good times to come~"

    March 20th, 2006

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