My earliest memory of a camera is of a process camera that I'd see when visiting my Dad at work. It was pretty intimidating for a 3 year old. I think growing up in and around the printing industry helped sparked an interest in communicating through visual media.

I've always been fascinated with photography but didn't do too much with it. I have a manual Minolta SLR which I enjoyed but never really pursued aggressively. A number of years ago I picked up a point and shoot digital and immediately started taking a lot more digital shots than I did film. When I started thinking about why, I realized it was an unconscious awareness of the cost of materials and processing. So I did a lot of playing around with but quickly ran into limits of the inexpensive camera. I couldn't get the type of shots I wanted, in part due to the fixed lens and fully automatic nature of the camera and in part due to my own limitations as a photographer.

The equipment component of this equation changed last month (December 2006) when I got a new Canon Rebel XTi. Now I have the flexibility I had with my old manual without having to worry about the cost of each shot.

Next I need to work on my on competence...

Harley Pebley
Riverton, UT, USA

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Harley Pebley
January 2007
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