Best of Yellowstone, Day 4: Midway Geyser Basin


Howard Ignatius is a retired high-tech marketing executive from Morro Bay, CA. He grew up in Minnesota where he was surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Superior and the great “Northland”. Upon graduation from the University of Minnesota, he enlisted in the US Navy. While stationed in the Pacific, he purchased his first 35mm camera and a complete darkroom. When he returned from the service, the demands of his career took precedence over his photography, and he soon found himself in the fast paced world of Semiconductor Manufacturing in Silicon Valley. As the digital revolution soon eclipsed film and older technologies, he started to invest in new cameras and software for image enhancement. However, photography would still remain a hobby until his retirement. He now combines his love for photography with a strong technology background to enhance his art in non-traditional and unique ways. He has traveled the world extensively and displays his work at You can contact him through his website.

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  • JoinedApril 2008
  • OccupationPhotographer
  • Current cityMorro Bay, CA
  • CountryUnited States
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