Originally from Gloucestershire, England... then to Tallebudgera Valley, Queensland, Australia... then back to England and deepest darkest rural Leicestershire... now living and working in Nottingham. Isn't life a funny old journey?

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Love landscapes, cityscapes, macros, nature... rubbish at taking anything truly arty, cutting edge or messing about creatively with Photoshop! I may not be the greatest photographer, but I always try to capture the somethingness of things I see around me. Every day is another day to try to get 'the' shot... and you can see my daily favourite attempts at doing that in my Photo Journal at Kinda Horrigans or my "Blipfolio". I feel lost without at least one camera!

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Oh, and my Flickr name was 'Maddy Lou' for ages because those are my middle names... however... I decided to change it to Horrigans because that's what I use on Blipfoto and it doesn't require any explanation! :o)

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    fair coal says:

    "Maddy Lou has an artists eye for lifes simply joys. Her macro's are outstanding and her landscapes are stunning. She's an all round fab photographer with heart in her shots. I always look forward to her next post :-)"

    September 8th, 2008

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    Atomic Citrocity says:

    "Maddy is a versatile photographer and, also, one of my favorite people on flickr. She can shoot anything (macros, landscapes, portraits, etc) and end up with great photos. Browsing her stream is truly enjoyable because not only do you see a mix of various subjects, but also get a glimpse of her amazing sense of humor. However, I'm a huge fan of her macros. Her macros are simply creative, colorful, and beautiful.

    Keep on uploading, Maddy. :)"

    September 7th, 2008

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    Tamsin Swait says:

    "Maddy Lou has such an incredible eye. Her photostream is so diverse, interesting and alive with colour! You will find Australian sunsets, her 'Idyllic Childhood' series of her two children, to professional standard macro nature shots! She is never afraid to have a go at something either, so her work is constantly evolving. Also, she would much rather be out and about taking photos than tidying the house - that's my type of person and I'm glad to have you as a contact, Maddy!"

    July 1st, 2008

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    Lynn English says:

    "I must write a testimonial for Maddy Lou, one of the best photographers on Flickr!
    She has such talent that she uses so well as you will see when you go through her stream. Diversity is a good quality about Maddy Lou. Whatever you like you will find on her pages. It is so nice to see the latest beauty that appears as a suprise for us.
    No doubt about it she is one of the best contacts for me.
    I wish everyone could see her collection . Keep up the good work , Maddy Lou!

    Your friend,

    Lynn 3nglish"

    June 17th, 2008

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