What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

For Permission, complaints, queries contact me at Pieshops@gmail.com

I really don't mind you using my stuff for your projects, just have some common courtesy and credit the source.


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    TheUnrequitedTV says:

    "...Jordan's stream is a wonder, and I never fail to be amazed at the amount of ephemera he has collected. I have often joked to him that his site must be some sort of portal to solving the mysteries of the universe, but even if that never comes to pass in the literal sense, the time spent exploring all his stuff will be like a magic carpet ride through the history of Americana..."

    22nd September, 2011

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    epicharmus says:

    "Mr. Pie Shops owns one of the Great Flickr Accounts of the Western World."

    19th April, 2011

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    actionlog says:

    "My very favorite flickr member and inspiration for creating my own flickr account.

    Generous and gratious with his wonderful images, ranging from amazing vintage advertisemtents, to incredibly neat old postcards, to mind blowing kodachrome slides.

    Users should take lessons from Jordan's pride in SHARING, as opposed to hoarding which is what many flickr members do."

    24th December, 2009

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    Space Needle says:


    16th November, 2009

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    traylorillo says:

    ""What Makes The Pie Shops Tick" has an amazing collection of ephemera from the 50s and 60s including loads of awesome vintage advertising. It's crazy nostalgic, kitchy and wide-eyed with the innocent wonder of a bygone era -- a sure bet for spending hours surfing just to see what's next."

    18th June, 2009

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    loungelistener says:

    "Jordan's photostream is a fun and fascinating place to explore. Get settled in, as you'll be spending quite a while browsing and being wisked back in memories."

    18th July, 2009

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    Mr Burlesk says:

    "This photostream is enormous fun; great retro ads, postcards, catalogs, and ephemera. Nice scans, too! 'Course, every time I see that moniker about the pie shops I get hungry, though..."

    20th April, 2009

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    naslrogues says:

    "Fun House has fantastic images that illustrate the perfect world shown in vintage advertising that so many of us long for. His photostream is a vintage fan's oasis! Thanks Fun House!"

    30th November, 2008

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