I have been taking photos since the age of 14, but since 1998 have been working as a freelance photographer shooting mostly sports, landscape and travel.

For a couple of seasons from January 2006, I covered Premiership, Championship, League and FA Cup soccer for two different sports picture agencies. You won't see any of these photos here, though, due to the strict rules placed on their use.

From 2011 I started covering motorsport regularly for Porsche Club Great Britain and the BRSCC and was commissioned by Lotus On Track Racing Drivers' Club to cover their races for social media and race reports. As of March 2012, I am also a racing driver, driving a Boxster in the Logson Group BRSCC Porsche Championship. In between races I tend to take photos in and around the pits, so my portofolio has become heavily biased towards motorsport.

My day job is as a web application developer for the UK's best-known distance-teaching institution, which also involves some photography. I was a moderator and marker on the first seven presentations of our massively successful short course T189 Digital Photography: Creating and Sharing Better Images. Additionally, I am chairman of the staff camera club.

Almost as soon as Canon's D30 was launched, I switched entirely to digital photography and haven't looked back. I now use Canon 1D-series bodies combined with their L-series lenses due to their very high build quality. For sending images to the media from the field, I use a Windows laptop running Downloader Pro, BreezeBrowser and Photoshop software, together with a USB modem on the 3 network to transmit JPG files to my clients.

The shots you'll see on my Flickr account are a mixture of stuff from both my Canon gear and, at the other end of the optical scale, from the camera in my phone, often submitted directly from the phone using an application called ShoZu. I upgraded my Flickr account to 'Pro' in December 2006.

Around 2011 I got into motorsport in a big way. I took my ARDS test, obtained my race license and from 2012 I raced for three seasons in a Porsche Boxster, firstly in the BRSCC Porsche Championship then a season in Britcar. As of 2015 I hold an MSA International 'C' Race license. I now shoot motorsport on an almost weekly basis, for various teams, websites, event programmes and championships. The car you see in my banner image is a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Super Trofeo race car with me at the wheel - a fantastic opportunity to drive this car at Mallory Park.

If you'd like to get in touch, to order prints or enquire about images for publication, send me an email through Flickr or visit my website and see the Prices, Ordering, Rights and Contact information page.

Note about image downloads: I recently changed the setting that allows the download of my images. This was because I don't like the idea of tools like Flump and the way they break all links between images and accreditation. All my photos are copyright - I do not intend making it any easier for people to copy them and reuse them without my permission or without due credit. If you want to use any of my images, get in contact as nearly all are available for commercial use.

I have recently added the following paragraph to most of my image captions so that there can be no doubt over their status - it seems that Yahoo have been using some images uploaded to Flickr in advertising without the copyright owners' consent:
This image is copyright © - absolutely no commercial use of any kind is permitted without prior consent.

Past cameras:
Zenith TTL
Minolta SRT101b
Minolta X700 (two off)
Minolta Dynax 9
Canon EOS 1nHS
Canon D30
Canon EOS 1D
Canon EOS 1D Mk.IIn
Canon EOS 1D Mk.III

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  • IMG_2093 by Marc-W
  • Britcar Silverstone International - 12/04/2014 by Stevie Borowik Photography
  • Britcar Silverstone International - 12/04/2014 by Stevie Borowik Photography
  • Chris Valentine - Porsche Boxster by SportscarFan917
  • Chris Valentine - Porsche Boxster by SportscarFan917

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Chris Valentine
June 2005
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