I shoot film, but sometimes I do digital too
www.chupanhdao.com | hmoong.tumblr.com | lomography.com/homes/hmoong

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• Cómo la hice (Spanish) - Amanecer
• SevenDays-in (Italian) - In Vietnam con una bici, una macchina fotografica e una foto di ieri. L’intervista a Khanh Hmoong

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    Maria_Globetrotter says:

    "Khánh is one of my favourite photographers and a close contact on Flickr. He focuses on portraits, but also shoots varied motives in his homeland Vietnam, and especially his hometown Nha Trang. His composition skills are excellent and his passion is huge. Khánh also mostly uses film (as his tattoo reads “Film is not dead, it just smells funny”), something that gives his photos a very distinct looks. Keep posting your great work!"

    26th January, 2013

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    Chilk2411(April Song ♫) says:

    "Những khung hình của anh là cảm hứng, động lực cho các bạn trẻ muốn film đấy!
    Đẹp phong phú từ những khung hình gần gũi, giản dị đến những sáng tạo thú vị :)
    Cảm ơn những gì anh đã chia sẻ và mong được xem nhiều hình đẹp của anh :)"

    10th October, 2012

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    ilovecoffeeyesido says:

    "Khánh Hmoong is most certainly one of my favorite film photographers on Flickr. He's the the master of depth of field... and his camera collection is one to envy!"

    30th August, 2012

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    j man. says:

    "My friend Hmoong,
    All of your photos are so beautiful! They all have a creative and unique touch to them! I really appreciate the kind comments! I will always be looking forward to your next photo!

    Have a wonderful day,

    10th April, 2012

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    steve_thorley says:

    "I found this artist by accident. His photography is quite inspirational, it makes be want to put a roll of film through my Nikon FM .

    He really has an good eye for his subject and really shows the inner beauty."

    15th November, 2011

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    Amoris Vena says:

    "I'm really admire your film photostreams. I will try a film camera soon and I wish I could learn from your photos and from your instruction ^^"

    6th September, 2011

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    Ferry Vermeer says:

    "This man's photostream is definitely among my favorite contacts. It's hard describe his work but I would summarize it as a very succesful attempt to capture life (lovely Amy, Vietnam), photography (film!), and how beautiful it can be. Keep up the good work, my friend!

    Best regards from your friend,

    6th September, 2011

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    y2-hiro says:

    "He always shows us lovely and pleasant shots.
    Here is one of my favorite photostreams :)
    Always thanks for sharing wonderful works.

    From his friend, Hiro."

    8th August, 2011

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    ` xph. says:

    "This is such a talented man with his great work xD
    He has nice photos and they are really nice nice nice"

    8th June, 2011

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