Probably the largest collection of modern photographs of historic locations around Mauritius.


My mission is to record what is left of the tangible history of Mauritius, before the developers bulldoze it into obscurity.


Also recording whatever is found to be quite interesting during this quest.


Please, if you look up these locations from the map and visit, please be mindful of the history, take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. Please do not assist the bulldozer in its task...


Every photo is uploaded, the good, the bad and the surprisingly adequate but only to record as much detail as possible.


If you are surprised by the sheer number of historic locations found throughout Mauritius, why not become a cultural tourist instead of a slave to the sun and visit some of the many locations highlighted. Happy to work with anyone to create an itinerary at no charge. Satisfaction may not be guaranteed but I can guarantee a bucket full of culture, history and the truth behind it.

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