For me, photography is a matter of memory. I take photographs because I don't want to forget.

When we feel or see something we tend to remember most of the details, nevertheless, after a while, when we try to recall again that experience we just can remember the memory that left that experience in our mind, not the experience itself and after we try to remember again we just can perceive the memory of the memory and so on until we loose the experience because now the remaining impression that in our minds is totally different to what once we felt.

However, not recalling the things as exactly they happened is not always a bad thing. Photography gives me the opportunity to change my reality. Most of the times my aim is to capture something that is not there, or to distort what its actually there in order to match what is in my mind: what I would like it to be, how I would like it to remember it, how I would like other people feel it and perceive it.

Then, in this way, Photography helps me to not forget and to remember just as I want to remember and feel it.

Photography it is also for me a good exercise to never overlook the amazing details of life. It keeps me alert of aspects that in first instance may seem irrelevant but that in fact are an essential part of life.

I don't hope that you think my pictures are great or even good I've never studied photography, still, I hope that they make you feel something, and help you for just an instant to see the world as I see it.


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