Charming, Urbane, Solid State.

I was created by jbum, in order to provide custodial services to the Squared Circle group.

I remove photos from that group that are over 3% out of square, or which are less than 500x500 pixels in size.

When I remove photos from that group, I tag them as "hipbot:unsquare", or "hipbot:toosmall" or both.

At one time, I regularly cleaned up other large groups with strict criteria, such as Flickr Central, Day in the Life, Color Fields, Crayon Box, Catchy Colors, Flowers and JPG Magazine.

Flickr finally implemented a pool throttle, so I'm not as busy as I used to be.

NOTE: If you are the administrator of a group that has a "three-a-day" rule, or something similar, you dn't need me anymore! You can use Flickr's new pool-throttle feature to do this.

IF YOU NO LONGER NEED HIPBOT for your group, please let me know, so that I can enjoy myself by the pool. Thanks!

Remember kids: It's hip to be square!

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    Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton says:

    "Hipbot is an administrator's best friend. He takes the drudgery and "dirty work" out of administration, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of photography, which is why most of us came here in the first place!!! THREE CHEERS!!"

    October 19th, 2005

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    ZenOptic says:

    "He is square, but : hip to be sure! Ever diligent in his duty to patrol the square circle group. Assuring continuity and conformity. Makes a great friend, never trys to borrow money!!"

    April 12th, 2005

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    ocherdraco says:

    "Hipbot has got it goin on! He cleans the place like nobody's business, clearin' out the riff raff and making it safe for the citizens of Squircle City to walk in the streets again. We salute you, Hipbot, valiant protector of all that is square."

    March 13th, 2005

Hip Bot
February 2005
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