I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I like crafting and beeing on vacation, so I really try hard to do it all the time. Somehow, I try that even when I am working. Life is a party, isn't it?

  • JoinedJuly 2004
  • Occupationpainter, crafter. designer
  • HometownVigo-Spain
  • Current cityLisbon
  • CountryPortugal
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i completely defy anyone to look at hilda's photos and not feel the tug of creativity and covetousness. fabulousness emanates from everything.

April 21, 2005
Secretive Horses (deleted)

Hilda's work is really amaaazing .. The colors she use and the designs are so cheerful. The bags are simply GORGEOUS, makes u wana get them all 4 urself ! ( I wish I can do that ) Show us more Hilda :D

December 6, 2004
Thoughtless Acoustics (deleted)

Hilda makes some of the most unique & amazing artwork I've seen. She's an inspiration! The colors and fabrics she uses gives an idea of the colorful, talented girl she is. - Her personality shines through on the web! I'm looking forward seeing more Hilda! :-)

November 3, 2004

Hilda's work is unique and full of joy. I'm a big fan of hers!

October 4, 2004