Who am I?

I breathe lines and curves, glyphs and symbols. I am passionate about graphic art + design, the web, travel, languages, healing. So is my , we dance the road of life. I gave rise to graphility. When involved in gigs, I am the graphic touch. Not sleeping, I pass out. Who am I? I am Hector.

Additional information

If you want to collaborate, happen to like words as much as images, or simply want to know more about me, visit my personal website, hiddenson's Construct, or my graphic design network, graphility.

About licencing

As a rule of thumb and unless otherwise specified, my works are licenced under this Creative Commons licence. That said, some productions are copyrighted: these require additional agreement - from my part, people involved, etc.

Whatever licensing, I appreciate you letting me know about your intentions as well as giving proper attribution. Thank you.

A word about my privacy filter

I dislike the simplistic names Flickr gives to groupings, as these should really be better defined. So, here is how I manage my list, in case you're in it:

- public: you get to see the decent shots, those I'd show anyone passing by

- family: you see public shots and ordinary shots, party snaps, family events... This is everyday life.

- friends: in addition to the public and mundane, you get to see private shots. These could be art experiments, heavy processing, nudes, etc... That I do not wish to share with everyone, so act accordingly.

- friends and family: I trust you, and you get to see it all. Respect.

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    PHOTOGRAPHER I www.martahurtado.com says:

    "Hiddenson is one of the GRAND people. Grand in every way! Trough his graphic expression, he mastered the ability to touch one's soul. His vision of the world is clear and inspiring, with no words needed to guide thoughts.

    Thanks to him I see the world surrounding me from a different perspective. More open and beautiful. He helps me grow deeper into myself while nourishing all the creative gifts I possess in this life. Together we ARE more than I could ever ask for!

    Thank you Love :)"

    November 14th, 2008

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    judekyle says:

    "hiddenson was one of the first people i met on flickr. that was a long time ago now, but somehow a colombian man based in belgium who roams the world in search of life, and a yankee based in canada who desperately wants to do the same have become friends -- and that friendship started because of hiddenson's art.

    his is the art of life.

    paintings, photographs, words...it doesn't matter: everything hiddenson does contains his passion for life and an inspiring hint of the way he sees the world. i may not be able to get off the north american continent, but at least i can let my imagination roam vicariously through hiddenson's many contructs.

    that makes me a lucky guy."

    December 7th, 2006

September 2005
Creative director
hiddenson's Construct