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I've been a Flickr member in the past ('08/'09)... but things have since refined, become more focused and tuned into an increasingly serious note.
I will be sharing my most important work here; Each of which shall be accompanied by an attached link taking you to my website containing back-stories and detailed information behind what my photographs convey. I hope you all enjoy and somewhat take aback and become drawn in to the stories I have to tell...

Please do keep my profile bookmarked - I have great things I want to share with you all in the future!

-Guy Hickey

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Photographic KEY =

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Please refrain from using my images without written permission and/or share without creator credit/mention.
I write this here as for the simple fact that I actually appreciate when people want to share my images; For when people do, I want the knowledge as to where my photographs go on their journeys through the WWW. Please be kind, and contact me.
Thank you,
© Guy Hickey.

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Guy Hickey
March 2013
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HICKEY GUY | Photographer. Artist. Guy Hickey.