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Welcome to my photo stream on flickr.

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What you'll see on these pages is an improvisation in photos.

These photos are a visual representation of recent times in my life, events, colors, moods.
While certain images are commissioned works, most of what you will see in this collection of photographs are examples of my personal work.

Almost all of the photos are represented in various sets that you can find on the gallery main page.

If you would like to enjoy some examples of my photography without having to click through the maze of links and buttons you can see some of the more interesting flickr sets as slideshows on my official photofront site.

To see the 'most interesting photos' around here (as calculated by flickr's mysterious 'interestingness'-algorithms) go here.

And if you have noticed me recently waving my camera around at a concert or similar event, chances are that you'll find some photos from that event in one of these sets (seperate stream).

Licenses + Prints: If you are interested in using any of my work for commercial purposes or if you would like to order prints for your personal enjoyment don't hesitate to contact me via flickr mail or by writing to philfiker at gmail dot com.

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Sigma 10-20mm
Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 Macro (photos taken with this lens)
Sigma 28-105mm f/2.8-4 (shots taken with this lens)

Konica-Minolta A200 (shots taken with this camera)
Olympus C-3040Z (shots taken with this camera)
Sony Ericsson P910 phonecam (shots taken with this camera)

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    Maly B. says:

    "Totally unpredictable. He spins me around in a world that belongs to no one but him. Take some time to peak through his photos and you will understand.
    Having the pleasure of knowing him in person I can assure you, this collection of images is the best explanation of who Phil is: Eclectic, dark and bright at the same time with a deep sensibility for the hidden treasures in everyday life. Peaceful, patient, strong and gentle. A deep breathe of fresh air in a land of piled up stray papers and music notes.

    I consider myself a lucky girl, sometimes I get to live in Phil's world."

    May 12th, 2007

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    myla kent says:

    "Phil's innovative work, gorgeous self-portraits and lovely shots of a town most would dream to visit inspire me every time I visit his stream.

    Spending time clicking through his photostream is most definitely (and highly) recommended, but I have to warn you, Phil's addicting ;)"

    February 12th, 2006

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    *¦·twinderella·¦* says:

    "Phil is one of the first people that caught my eye on flickr. His work is moody and unique and I always feel inspired when I look at his stream. I have a hard time not making every photo a favorite! And the best part, he is a REALLY great guy!"

    February 11th, 2006

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    hkvam says:

    "Phil h's photostream is a jewel I am so glad I found. Not only does he document the life in Paris but also gives us a small glimpse into his own life. His photographs are sincere and beautifully done, expressing his vision on the world around him.
    With photographs ranging from the very humorous to tender personal portraits, street life and small things in life; his photostream remains among the ones I cherish."

    February 10th, 2006

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    annappleaday says:

    "may I apologize for procrastinating ..
    for I do not hesitate to write this testimony for phil.
    It being established ..phil is a very passionately talented photographer...which all would agree who have been following his work,...i would like to add to that he is also an accomplished musician.

    you can find out all about his life as a teacher of the arts ... and much much more.

    sorry, it's difficult for me to stay within the realm of
    photography as phil is so diversified

    i will tell you his photos are a real treat as he takes you around paris ..exciting
    romantic, sincere, inspiring, funny..
    i would run out of adjectives if i were to continue.

    I recommend that you treat yourself to a taste of phil's wonderful photographs ..I promise you'll return for more !!
    you must go to his website to find out more
    "About Phil" ...his biography will blow your mind as will his sounds of the saxophone......

    please go to the link on this profile page..

    Hi-Phi Music
    Paris, France"

    September 17th, 2005

Phil Hilfiker
December 2004
Paris, France
phil hilfiker on myspace.com