Purpose – The HeyWhatEver Concept exists to provide fast, reliable assistance to major corporations / enterprises / businesses / small offices / home offices / or simply home computer users otherwise known as “surfers” through a series of portals, directories, communities and web rings. The HeyWhatEver Concept sells solutions & results for whatever needs the business, consumer, or surfer may have! Its community will serve all web users in various forms once its maturity reaches this prophetic purpose. If you build it, they will come. Our community environment has a no negatives policy that eliminates anything inappropriate or anything that is not family friendly. This exciting environment along with NEW TEAM 2007’s, promotes the on-going personal development of each individual to become all they were created to be. Our purpose has profit motive as long as creating an increase never causes anyone on our TEAM to sacrifice their integrity or character to achieve success. True success goes much deeper than profit, and nothing short of a mutual WIN/WIN can satisfy. Our marketing, advertising, and promotional reach is directly in harmony with our emphasis on massive traffic. “Traffic Factor” is what brings value to each relationship whether strategic partner, business client, consumer, or surfer.

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  • JoinedNovember 2007
  • OccupationFounder / CEO / Global Marketing Director / Executive TV Producer / Professional Writer
  • HometownElkhart Lake
  • Current citySheboygan
  • CountryUSA


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