Writer and photographer.
Resident of Los Angeles, CA.

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    Ross Reyes says:

    "Writer and true man of the world, Andy has an eclectic group of freinds and point of view; all of which are present in his wonderful photographs... spend some time looking through his photo stream and you'll see a subtle cleverness that shows from a person who has his hand on the pulse of so many different things"

    July 25th, 2007

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    A Sutanto says:

    "Let me just say it plainly. I am not usually interested in portraits. They are the ones I would view last if ever. But I love Andy's portraits. Be it a portrait of his close friends and family or a complete stranger on the street. Andy always manage to capture them so beautifully. They look like they could be someone I know, someone who I can relate to, someone real. That, in my opinion requires a pair of very 'talented' eyes. And Andy's got them."

    June 24th, 2007

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    *davidsαngle says:

    "Andy has the most important what a good photographer should have, he has got the eye and the sense to find interesting motives. He also brings the daily life close to the viewer.
    I can really take out from his pictures, that he loves photography.
    May his passion grow and never stop burning."

    January 20th, 2007

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    minorityreport says:

    "I enjoy the tours of L.A. Andy gives. Like a good guide he always has some insight or recollection.

    His photos of buildings have personality and his portraits have structure. It's a look I've never seen anywhere else."

    January 10th, 2007

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    greenbroke says:

    "Hereinvannuys’ images effortlessly portray the ‘cultural’ world (or lack thereof) and its unfortunate but unavoidable half-life…he has an eye for these cultural vestiges, capturing them with a melancholic lens and relentless insouciance. There’s a disinterested mix of both urbane and mundane, a kind of attentive cataloguing that promotes unexpectedly important details. His stoic, Wittgenstein’s-hunkier-but-equally-brainy-brother mug makes his ubiquitous, poker-faced autosnaps all the more fascinating…the world clearly rotates around his axis, and we’re the better for it. And of course he’s smiling inside, in case you were wondering… I’ve learned from his bold and refreshing use of color and his advocacy of good architecture and design. And I love his behind-the-scenes photos of actors being normal people and Hollywood being just a town. Look forward to seeing many more."

    September 20th, 2006

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    Paul Zollo says:

    "i like hereinvannuys' photos quite a bit. he shows us our modern times - and the tiny bits of the past that are preserved, such as the old camera shops in the san fernando valley, and he revels in their resonance. but mainly he is showing us life as it is lived in these days, mostly in the vast dystopic megasuburban expanse that is los angeles. he shows us the houses, the valets, the buildings, the streets, the people in the streets. he's not trying to make things look pretty, or skew the view of our modern world. he tells it as it is. yet he brings the artist's eye to every picture he takes and every scene he preserves, and he shows us places that i've been to in the real world - like an art shop near my home - and enables me to view it with fresh eyes. he is a humanist - you can tell her cares about people - and he's an archivist of modern times. he has an appreciation for the modern laid over the matrix of the past, the future built on the bones of all that came before, and his photographs connect all these levels of experience. his perspective is rich. i'm glad i found him."

    September 19th, 2006

June 2005
Chicago, IL
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