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I started getting into photography very gradually just by snapping a ton of photographs when I went on trips and treks. My first photographs were taken on an old Fuji film camera which let me satisfy at least a small amount of my itchy trigger finger. A couple years later, my family won a powershot A10 digital camera in the IGA's scrabble to win contest. That camera was fantastic. I took it on every hike that I went on after that point and it served me very well. Several of my best shots ever were with that camera.

In 2006, I finally decided that I was into photography enough that I needed to buy myself a serious camera. Also, I was going to Italy for a conference so I wanted to be able to capture the moment. So I bought a canon digital rebel XT. I love this camera. I've been shooting photos every chance I get.

When I first joined Flickr, I started using it as a photoblog where I would upload one photo a day when I got the chance to highlight my photographic endeavours. That has become not as good a solution as it used to be, so if you liked the photoblog format, head over to my blog at heraldk.ca which will pull interesting photos from my flickr account on a semi-daily basis.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy my photos!

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