Unquotable Quotes :P
I don't expect anything from ppl, I accept ppl.
If you r with someone who is possessive, you feel possessed.
Truth requires spontaneity, Lies require creativity!

Bhol Bacchan (Blah Blah..!)
Native of Goa (India),born in Dubai, schooled in Pune, engineered in a Sugar village called Pravara Nagar,theatred back in Pune,MBAed in Pune and now working in Bangalore! well, i guess the name gipsy would suit me except for the fact that i roam the net toooo! E-gipsy!!! that should define me... For the moment.
i dabble in almost everything....except music,the one thing im seriously into, its my LIFE!
dont ask me what i listen too... EVERYTHING... although the only artists i respect dont do POP!!
i dabble a bit with gnosticism (the Matrix philosophy)... like i said ,im open to new ideas!
im crazy about riding... FAST... there is no reason to waste time, right!
life is interesting ... i dont get how people can stop talking to other people just because they are from an enemy country or because they dress a different way,or talk a different talk.My point is: 'Everyone has a different tale to tell'.If they dint , they would be downright boring(some of them are!).
I mean, where is the fun in talking to a person who does exactly the same things u do , listens to the same music, likes the same kinda girl(BIG PROBLEM!)
Life is too short to spend it doing what other people want you to do!
23-05 I saw the Passion.. loved it .. made a lot more sense than church... the general opinion all round was that mel gibson is going to heaven,;-)
its been a lil crazy, a lotta fun..(yeah, im rambling)
People always say they love to travel, but living here in India, I feel like I have already seen the world! People from the North can't read the language of the South.
The variety in food is enormous... from the terribly spicy Hyderabadi Biryani to the way too sweet Gujurati Dal.
The variety in people too... from the extremely simple to the extremely street smart.. we have it all here.
A friend here said (when i was esp nasty to her!)that i tend to look at a glass and find it half empty..NOT TRUE!
i look at a glass and wonder y it aint full! i guess im crazy about things being perfect!

Perceptions .. I LOVE THEM!
A friend from the north(Delhi)is always cribbing about how the food in the south(where i am now) is so light, like a snack and how there are very few good paneer(cottage cheese) restaurants.
Another friend from the south, yesterday told me how the food in the north is so heavy and that the only thing u get to eat there is paneer!
An Idea !(U might not like it!) perceptions are like pencil lines. They have a beginning ... usually someone starts a perception.. and follows it so strongly that others follow it... this goes on..till the followers dont know why they follow...
I consider myself a gypsy in that i like to step on each line... see what makes sense in it.. pick it up.. and then try another line.

3-06 someone just told me that we dint have anything in common.. thats bull! i have something in common with everyone.. try me and ull know! if i dint have anything in common with someone, then there is something new to try out..;-)

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Werner Egipsy Souza
November 2004
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