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    ivlys says:

    "Hans' Bilder sind absolute Spitze,
    mehr ist dazu nicht zu sagen!
    Ich freue mich jeden Tag aufs Neue
    auf seinen Fotostream!"

    October 20th, 2010

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    Kim Bordons says:

    "Hans es un fotógrafo en mayúsculas. Sabe ver, componer y realizar sus imágenes con mucho cuidado, calidad y cariño.

    Sus composiciones siempre transportan y sorprenden, desde un simple paisaje con sus "arbolitos" hasta el mas íntimo de los retratos.

    Una galeria exquisita de principio a fin, además, aunque no lo conozco personalmente, estoy seguro que Hans es una persona simpática y afable.

    Un placer tenerte de contacto maestro, eres toda una referencia :)"

    August 26th, 2010

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    Varadera says:

    "Para mí Hans es especial, porque ha sido uno de mis primeros contactos en Flickr este universo de fotografías...
    Siento que mi inglés sea tan pésimo porque me encantaría tener la ocasión de conversar largo y tendido sobre fotos, lugares, ya fuera en Holanda o en España.
    Un abrazo enorme...gracias por tus fotografías"

    July 22nd, 2010

  • view profile says:

    "When i read the other 22 testimonials of Hans, i wonder what i would have written about his works.
    So i'm afraid not to say something new but Hans's shooting way is unique and when you see, among others, his shots you know immediately that behind them there's Hans.
    What i like more in his works is the clean and sharp vision of his world.
    Keep it up Hans."

    May 13th, 2010

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    e s t e v e s says:

    "Hans' photography is amazing, each photograph is an inspiration. It almost seems like he's at the perfect place at the perfect time - keep it up Hans and thank you for sharing it with us all. Take care my friend."

    February 27th, 2010

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    Larissa Paschoalli says:

    "Your photos inspire me to try my best!!
    I love your gallery,is simply amazing!!

    Congrats...and keep shooting!
    Lari Design"

    November 12th, 2009

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    Ting Hay says:

    "Hans is a very talented photographer. You can say it directly when you look through his photo stream. I love how he sees the lights and the perspective is always excellent. Some of his photos really inspiring me. And as a flickr friend, Hans is very supportive and giving. Thank you for being my flickr friend and sharing your works with us, Hans."

    October 17th, 2009

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    mikel.hendriks says:

    "Tijdens mijn aller eerste verkenningen op Flickr stuitte ik op een erg geniale foto waarbij de fotograaf zelf in de weerspiegeling van een regenplas te zien was maar de camera die hij (Hans) vast hield niet. Ik was, en ben nog steeds, onder de indruk van die foto zowel qua compositie en originaliteit [ zie Spiderman ]

    Later ben ik Hans op de voet gaan volgen en ook de rest van zijn indrukwekkende stream bekeken en ik kan zeggen dat Hans in zijn flickr stream een fantastische foto collectie heeft opgebouwd. Zijn collectie kenmerkt zich door de een extreem hoge en constante kwaliteit in zijn shots met afwisselend het gebruik van zwart/wit en dan weer kleurrijke landschap composities.

    Niet dat Hans zich beperkt tot landschappen want in zijn stream laat hij zien ook een scherp oog te hebben voor o.a. schaduw/ lichtval, architectuur, macro, en portret fotografie.

    Het is mij altijd weer een genoegen om zijn nieuwste foto's te bekijken en hoop dan ook dat de lezers van deze testimonial de moeite willen nemen zijn werk te te bekijken.

    Mikel Hendriks
    30 juli 2009"

    July 31st, 2009

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    Willem Wernsen-Photo says:

    "Excelent world wide photographer."

    June 24th, 2009

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    CVerwaal says:

    "I don't know how he does it, but every day Hans manages to post an original, creative and technically perfect picture. His photostream is endlessly inspiring and one of the first ones I check out when I wake up in the morning. I urge all of you who see this to follow Hans. You will not be disappointed."

    June 3rd, 2009

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    Antonio Genovia says:

    "The last time that I wrote a testimonial to Han's was last year, now we are facing a new year to come, yet Han's still delivers, fresh and inspiring photographs. To date, I still study his pictures, way of composition, and execution in treatment...

    Kudos to you Han's... And thank you for tips here and there..."

    November 23rd, 2008

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    іgor says:

    "creative, different vision. one of the most interesting dutch flickr members"

    November 24th, 2008

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    mudpig says:

    "Hans' work is amazing and a joy to view each day the images he captures so perfectly.

    Everyday views are turned to magic with the wonderfully creative and genius craftsmanship of Hans.

    Looking forward to more wonderful imagery and thank you for sharing with the flickr community."

    July 30th, 2008

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    Geza (aka Wilsing) says:

    "This is the first testimonial I am writing. I have read a few and found some extremely eloquent ones. Hans has collected a fair number himself. They all agree that Hans is a very good photographer and a nice person.

    I concur. But I am also amazed as to how he loyally follows my photostream where he will invariably comment. Not just with a WOW! or irrelevant invites, but with prescient, laudatory and encouraging remarks.

    In my almost a year of Flickership Hans' input has been invaluable - including the finding of the Ricoh GX100 that we both use and value.

    I am privileged to count Hans amongst my closest Flickr friends."

    June 29th, 2008

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    Jos Mecklenfeld says:

    "Hans is a great talented photographer with love for the camera and composition.His photos are for me a source of inspiration and let me see the different way of looking to landscapes, subjects, people and more what is around us. I hope you'll also enjoy his work and see his enthusiasm for the photography."

    May 3rd, 2008

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    R.o.b.e.r.t.o. says:

    "Excellent photographer. His photos are exciting, never banal. Hans is a kind and nice person ."

    February 27th, 2008

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    malla_mi says:

    "Definitely one of my fav Flickr photographers. His B&W world is amazing and always makes me laugh when he leaves comments on my photos "I wonder how would this look in b&w" . Also, amuse me how perfectly he catch ordinary, daily life and human faces and from something so "ordinary" makes extraordinary masterpiece.
    Nice to meet you Hans,

    February 14th, 2008

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    Salvatore Lapignola says:

    "Hans van Reenen is one of my favourite photographers on Flickr. Its photos are very wonderful and for me inspiration source. In its stream many masterpiece... compliments and thanks"

    February 10th, 2008

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    H. K.. says:

    "Hallo Hans,

    auf diesem Wege mal ein kurzes feedback, zu deinen wunderbaren Fotos. Ich gehöre ja zu einem regelmäßigen Besucher, deiner Website bei Flickr. Von deinen dort eingestellten Fotos, bin ich immer wieder hell auf begeistert. Du bist nicht nur ein Meister der schwarz/weiß Fotografie, sondern auch ein Meister in Farbe. Deine aussagekräftigen Fotos stehen denen von Profi-Fotografen in nichts nach. Gratulation!

    PS: Und herzliche Grüße vom Niederrhein, Herbert!"

    January 11th, 2008

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    schwede123 says:

    "Hans van Reenen - Ein Meister seines Faches.
    Mit großer Hochachtung bestaune ich immer wieder seine schönen Bilder....

    LG Schwede"

    October 27th, 2007

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    serni says:

    "There are a few accounts here on Flickr that I visit every time I log in and this is one of them. Hans is a perfect "master" of his camera and you can see it easily in his photography: impecable, with a plus - an artistic and subtle touch :-))"

    September 1st, 2007

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    jazzpic says:

    "Simple everyday subjects are turned into fine works of art. I love Hans' creative photography. He always proofs to look at things differently than most of us. It is a great joy to visit his photo stream and I am sure you will not regret it...."

    August 12th, 2007

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    Paula van den Akker says:

    "De foto's van Hans vallen op door de grote mate van perfectie, zowel technisch als bij de "kunst van het kijken", wat ik persoonlijk nog belangrijker vindt...
    Ik geniet elke keer weer van zijn prachtige foto's!"

    July 4th, 2007

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    Censored by Yahoo says:

    "Hans is one of my favorite photographers in Flickr. I constantly find myself fascinated by his outstanding and professional work.
    Look at his pictures and you know what I mean."

    December 31st, 2006

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    King'76 says:

    "Hans or Heimatiater has a great eye for B&W. Contrast is what he seeks and finds and that is just what makes his work interesting. He has the capability to make an industrial power plant look like the most beautiful place on earth. He makes shots of cows that make you feel like you are right there, staring at them."

    November 27th, 2006

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    hkvam says:

    "Heimatiater shoots photos of nearly everything around and delivers outstanding work each time. This is one photostream I would highly recommend to anyone at anytime."

    January 15th, 2006

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