Please dont add me as a contact if you are not willing to visit my photo stream on a regular basis because you will Just be wasting my time and your own Im currently deleting contacts who have added me then never visited my photo stream either to comment fave or invite !!


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    Luke--SupportCancerResearch! says:

    "The word "beautiful" gets tossed around a lot, but when you see the amazing digital artwork Chrissie has created the word "beautiful" fits perfectly. Elegant, stunning, subtle and even evoking the dark contrasted against the light of the world, Chrissie's work never disappoints. The colors, contrasts, processing and range of images are delivered in thought-provoking and sensory appealing messages--the images speak volumes of the values we all share: love, loss and life. The incredible images will take your breath and make you think, what great art should do--and this, my friends, is great art! Thank you, Chrissie, for sharing your amazing talent! God Bless, luke"

    August 22nd, 2013

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    Christine1744-thanksforover4millionviews! says:

    "Hi Chrissie!!!!
    I think I "met" you through Jill!!! I will have to thank her....
    Like I said on your last post, your images are like dreaming awake!!!!!!!! I just love your creativity, how you express your's magic! I can not help checking when you upload!!
    Just love this work of yours...really enjoy it...makes me smile and that is huge!!!
    Thanks Chrissie!!! :-)))"

    October 17th, 2012

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    b877402 says:

    "Chrissie’s spirit shines so bright! She is a woman of beauty and grace. Her stream is a magical and creative work of art. You can't help but find inspiration from her work! Chrissie has the ability to create beauty, enchantment, magic, playfulness or wonderment in every photo. It reaches down to your soul. Each photo shows the diversity of this wonderful person, whom I am so happy to call my friend.
    You rock Chica!

    April 6th, 2012

April 2011
London, England
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