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    Ania Tuzel Photography - Summer break says:

    Leilani is one of those rare artists I really admire on Flickr.
    Looking at the fantastic work of Lei I feel like I'm entering a new world,a world more beautiful,filled with happiness,light and color.
    It is always a such pleasure for me to dive into this wonderful and magical universe.
    She is not only a wonderful photographer but a very special,kind and warm human being. I love her positive energy and optimistic attitude towards life,she really knows when to stop and live in a moment,you can see it clearly in her photographs. Leilani's photostream is like a wonderful fresh air, you can never get enough of it.She represents the woman, femininity, independence , strength, but also professionalism, she is not afraid to be a sexy and little girl jumping with happiness towards the sunset.If you don't know who Leilani is and has not seen her amazing work, you are missing a lot of things.
    I'm your fan,I love your work and your personality ... thank you for the friendship and sharing!:))


    March 16th, 2012

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    Monica & Cebolinha says:

    "I am so glad I’ve discovered your photostream Lei !!
    I am glad and sad at the same time, as I look at your portfolio and I feel hopeless…
    I am impressed by your work, your creativity and your talent! I could fave your entire photostream !
    I always look forward to visiting your stream because I know my eyes will see pretty things… and I love pretty things!
    I love the way you view and portrait life through your photography and I’m always smiling when I visit. Keep it coming!"

    January 3rd, 2012

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    shadowracer26 says:

    "What can be said about Leilani that hasn't already been said? That is quite a difficult challenge. She lives up to her screen name that is for certain! Leilani is a projector of good energy and it is apparent in her photography as well as her personality in real life. I have had the great opportunity and pleasure of getting to meet Leilani in person and I must admit that she was nothing like the person I was expecting.....she blew away any expectations I may have had and exceeded them ten fold. I feel very fortunate to have Leilani as such a great friend. It will do you well to follow her work and take in her limitless creativity and eye for natural beauty!"

    December 7th, 2011

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    .:AnnetteB:. says:

    "Sweet, beautiful, fun, interesting, smart I don't think I could say anything more wonderful about Leilani that hasn't been said about her before.

    She is so amazing at what she does and has a beautiful energy about her that I can't say about many people. Her photo's are outstanding in quality and are all so unique! I look forward to her photo's daily and if I could ... I would fav them all 20x!

    She's a great contact and I know I am incredibly blessed to have found her here. She's one person here that I know I will one day meet and I know she will be everything I would expect and more! Xo"

    January 16th, 2011

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    losteuropa says:

    "This will not need many words. Ever so often (very seldom really) one stumbles across someone special. Leilani is such a person. I am blessed to be able to call her my friend.
    It makes me feel great knowing Leila is out there, breathing the same air, seeing the same sun, moon and stars.
    And then there are are the Photographs. Images full of life, full of joy and light, colour and kindness. Those beautifully created images never fail to lift my spirits. I am forever in your debt for that alone.
    Check her out and your life will change for the better.
    Thank you."

    January 5th, 2011

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    sunsinger says:

    "My days are all the brighter having a dear Flickr friend like Leilani. I look forward to viewing her creativity each day, it is inspiring! Her nature photography is rich in tone and a vision of gorgeous light. Her self portraits for her project are each so varied and delightful. Her smile is infectious, I have to smile with her. It is so much fun to see what setting she has put herself in with her 365. Leilani is exploring avenues of creativity with textures and sliders adding rich tonal qualities and depth to her images. They remind me of the well-loved masterpieces....with added magic.
    Part of the delight of being Leilani's Flickr friend is to experience her joy in discovery of various techniques, lenses and settings. And her added stories are a joy to read.
    She is a supportive Flickr contact, beyond the commentary of "great light and bokeh", she writes real comments with a great warmth and insight.
    Leilani is a sister in heart and spirit."

    December 6th, 2010

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    darlye.▲ says:

    "woahh! hey leilani!~
    i can't believe you don't have any testimonials!
    your photos are greatt!
    and amazing!
    you're always such a awesome contactt!
    thank you! can't wait for your next photo!"

    August 20th, 2010

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