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I write a diary about a life with my daugher on
As a computer engineer , I put my activities on harajuku-tech and Technohidelic.

I put my photo log on about Omotesando , Harajuku and Aoyama.

You can check my all logs at, or FriendFeed including twitter.

Some software code is provided at Github and Bitbucket.

Too many? Just Google "hdknr" or "hidelafoglia" !


Now we're living with 3 cats. Tiopepe,a scottish fold and Prince, a british short hair.
"Tiopepe" is named after the spanish sherry we love and looks like Garfield in the movie.
"Prince" is named by our daughter ,Rioja because she likes the Garfield the Movie 2 in which another Garfield-look cat is featured. She screamed "Prince!" when she met him at first.
Look like "Garfield 2"

Also I love Prince's funky and sweet music!

Papi is an american short hair girl and so cute! She is given to our daugher Rioja for her 5th birthday.


I'm looking for a cat while walking around Gaien area.


I want to be a "extremely cool"(padrisimo in spanish?) dad to my daughter and husband to my wife and am trying to be like that way.


We've been living in "Gaien" area more than 9 years quite near from Sendagaya, Omotesando,Aoyama and Harajuku where we can find many fashionable shops and people. I do walking for my health around Gaien area every morning with Pentax MX-1/GR DIGITAL/Ninkon D80 to capture fancy moment. I must look strange!

Gaien means "Outer Garden" which implys Gaien is the out side of the Inner Garden , the "Meji Jingu" where there is the shine for Meiji Tennou( the Emperor Meiji) who is the father of the grand father of the current emperor.
"Omotesando" is the main road to the Meiji Jingu.
Omotesando, a Tuesday evening

Gaien Walking

Also my tweets and photos while walking around Gaien area thru my iPhone.

You can check my strolling logs at 4sq.


My wife likes taking care of flowers at our balcony. Our moms loves too. That is women.
The more blossoms, the better my mood is.


Now my wife's 6th ALFA is 159 Sports Wagon 3.2 V6 Q4 just after blue 156 V6.
She is an Alfista!. After two Duete Spiders , she drove the black 155 V6. A red 156 TwinSpark stopped at the middle of cross road when I drove just after quitting from the Metropolitan highway route 2.


Both of us loves wines to drink. Mostly casual ones. Shinkawaya is a liquor shop at Jinguma 2 which delivers good wines and Sake they select when I call by phone as "2 reds and 2 cavas , please". Good riquor shop.


The reason why I try to write in English is because I'd like to explorer myself with people in all of the world. Pictures often can speak more than words. But ,日本語歓迎!
I'm acquiring some Spanish but doesn't work well so far. :-<

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