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I am first and foremost a prolific consumer/devourer of photographs. I relish looking at photos no matter the genre. Slowly I have started to take photographs for the sake of photography, not just to document trips/vacations. Usually I take pictures (many many pictures) to document moments, memories --because I have this overriding fear that someday soon I will forget.(Ergo, on a 3 day camping trip last summer I snapped 350 or so shots). One advantage of taking copious amounts of pictures is that I've got the numbers to my advantage; I've read that National Geographic photographers take 200 to 300 rolls of film for a single assignment (some on rare occasions go up to 1000 rolls). Of course they've got talent but taking that many amount of pictures means only one thing --the more one takes, the better the chances of getting a few gems. On this point, thank god for digital cameras; the film (remember film?:) cameras almost made me pauper:)

Alas, thank god for Flickr; what brilliant idea! For 15 years I wanted to get 'into' photography but nothing happened; then Flickr came along and ignited(akin to 'going nuclear':) the passion and, more importantly, got me truly started on 'practicing' the art. I currently take pictures of many genres; some favs include travel (a few touristy pics), light distortion, sunkissed, nature, scapes, people....

IF I TAG YOU AS A "CONTACT" its because i liked some or a lot of pictures on your photostream. You don't need to respond in-kind unless you too like my stream. Also, only leave comments if you feel the need and never out of obligation or because you haven't left a comment in a while. But if you'd geniutely like to say 'hi' for the sake of say 'Hi', then be my guest! Lets not get pulled into 'maintance work' when we are here to enjoy the pictures that we like!

ALSO, I WON'T MAKE A GOOD 'CONTACT' if you expect just best of the best pictures or even aesthetically pleasing picture all the time; or if you expect criticism, as I can't do that (Although I would love brutally honest criticism of my pictures). I like put up pictures that have some aesthetic quality but also tend to add lots of quotes or tend to be descriptive about where the pic was taken, the circumstances, and my opinion on it. Thus, be for-warned:)

I ADD PHOTOGRAPHS TO "MY FAVS" COLLECTION because the picture: elicited a emotional response in me, left me speechless, made me come back again and again, and/or, most importantly, because the photograph 'made me do it'!!!!

So let me dispense with frivolous words and go wander where the pictures are, where i am transported to another world. Let me raise a toast to Flickr, Flickrites and love of photography.

Thanks for visitin' this here real estate!


Want to see all the UNESCO World Heritage Site from where you are? Then check this site out:
World Heritage sites in panography - 360 degree imaging

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  • Conference Venues in Delhi NCR by pramodkumar28387
  • Conference & Meeting Rooms in Delhi by pramodkumar28387
  • Tree House Resort Jaipur by pramodkumar28387
  • Maa Tarini temple Keonjhar by kamalakant Nayak
  • bukhari baba cuttack by kamalakant Nayak

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    Elishams says:

    "What I like the most in Hari's addicted eyes, is his way to take the "Flickr affair" : all for pleasure, nothing for "maintnance work", as he says in his profile. Valuable attitude !
    Then comes his stream, where I get great quotes wich make my day more enjoyable, and eclectic pictures wich take me in so many different places, day after day. Always a surprise, even thought I don't always leave a comment…
    Then comes his involvment in creating quality oriented groups, and to maintain them. Not a small job for sure.
    In the end, he inspires me with energy, and that's what motivates this testimonial. Thank's Hari for all the inner beauty you are showing us."

    April 19th, 2006

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    Donna Sullivan Thomson says:

    "Ahhhh, hari! It was my lucky day when I found hari's photos. As I have already told him, pictures say a thousand words, but the addition of hari's words, whether they are his or a quote (especially Gibran), give them soul! And...not only does he share these beautiful and soulful photographs and words, he also links us to some delightful music to add to the experience.

    You are a treasure, hari! I wish for you a life full of happiness and all of the spicy food and dark chocolate that you can eat! (oops...I told our secret)

    Many hugs to you, my new friend!

    April 15th, 2006

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