mainly lo-fi photography & other manipulations - TTV, holga, XA 2, lomo smena 8m, belomo vilia-auto, lomo lubitel, vivitar ultra wide n slim, vito B, kodak brownie vecta, brownie cresta II, V.P twin....

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  • Lillys shot by this_woman
  • Beyond TTV by amortize
  • Stu by Pete Ashton

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    col606 says:

    "top geezzer and good friend"

    July 23rd, 2007

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    this_woman says:

    "I am Harri's biggest fan!!!!"

    May 3rd, 2007

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    I'll fight you for that sandwich says:

    "harri is a very talented and generous photographer. i can never thank him enough for hooking me up with what turned out to be my all time favorite trashcam: the vivitar ultra wide and slim.

    Beware of his editing and contraption building skills , the man is a mad genius."

    October 15th, 2006

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    Ĩ says:

    "i have fathered my seventh son with stu now, and all are perfect geniuses, one can even walk on water.
    the other day he bought me some smarties and when we opened the lid, it was the letter was 'S'. yeah i know, go figure.
    marvel at his camera made from water a bottle, music making skills and general all round talent.
    one day we jumped from a burning helicopter - that he'd set on fire - with no 'chute, landing safely on trust alone . .
    i have a t-shirt that says "vote for harri b, he's good for the community." maybe after seeing his photos you'll want to make your own one too.
    go on. love him like i have, and he will return the favour . .
    y'know . . i still have that lid, and those muddyfunstin' kids too . . 7 of them."

    July 6th, 2006

April 2006
Birmingham, England
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