The Kaleidoscope Unfolds
The rainbow is free

I was born over seven leap years ago. Music, writing and photography occupy a large wedge in my circle of life.

Music forms the centre, whether on stage in a manic fit of singing (acapella, rock or musical theatre) or at home in a manic fit of air-guitaring. I pay constant homage to the shrine of musical greats with no boundaries. From The Beatles to Dexter Gordon, The Chemical Brothers to Pandit Kumar Gandharva, with deviations through the land of Bonobo, Weather Report and Nick Drake I listen with a keen ear, open heart and an unbiased mind. For me, music is the ultimate mindbend.

Writing forms the basis of my creative expression. It has also been my bread and butter. From the early days of freelance for peanuts to a more streamlined and dare I say, more mature approach at my yearlong stint at Rave magazine, I developed a deep-rooted affection for words, in all their hues and textures.

I exercised my jaw for three years hosting a morning show, The Big Bang and a theme based weekend show, Radio Revolution on Spin, WorldSpace India’s 24-hr International music station. I also served as a content manager (web & voice), juggling writers, illustrators, designers and programme directors of around 30 channels on the network. I gathered and streamlined content and established content flows among other editorial duties for the myriad pages of and Worldspace’s magazine for its subscribers, The Voice. I rounded off my duties at WorldSpace as an in-house photographer of concerts and personalities and an ace spinner of the smiley ball in our building-famous indoor cricket tournies. There were also forays into stirring up the voting millions through Janaagraha’s Jaago Re Campaign where I had an opportunity to plan their communication in terms of words and larger pictures, using tool kits, among other methods of disseminating information.

Surrounded by so many words, it is not surprising that I was captivated by the wordless. Seeing life through a lens often sharpens one’s understanding of human nature and of oneself. With little or no use of digital manipulation, I strive to get it right with the camera rather than on photoshop and am not a technical studio photographer, being mostly self taught. My photography, like my life, is work in progress.

I went through 15 years, of mostly mirthful mis-education in Bangalore at Josephs Boys, Cottons and finally at Christ, where I earned a degree in Mass
communication/Psychology/English Literature and the title of Cultural Secretary. I’ve always harboured a love for extra-curricular activities.

I believe in love, light, spirituality, energy, karma, offering a helping hand, laughing, chivalry, romance, the universe, experiencing life and learning all the time.

I frown upon hatred, injustice, cockroaches and hypocrites.

I play cricket, basketball and devil sticks (ask for demo).

I read incessantly, have a thirst for nature and travel, watch movies with the fervour of a fanatic, love torturing people with wordwit and fancy myself a poet.

That’s me, for better or for verse.

Canon 400D
Canon 18-55mm
Canon 75-300mm
Tokina 12-24mm
Sigma 105mm Macro

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Hari Adivarekar
April 2006
Bangalore, India
I am:
Male and Taken
Writer, Photographer and Radio Jockey