About me and this stream


I am a typographic designer with Kaune & Hardwig, editor of Fonts In Use, and an occasional typography teacher, formerly at Brunswick School of Art. I research school scripts and regularly participate in the Typostammtisch Berlin and other type-related events. I like to travel and admire the beauty of flora and fauna.


My Flickr stream is mostly about letters, be they written, typeset or lettered; stamped, painted or cut in stone; pixelated or stitched. They can be on street signs, facades and book covers; illuminated and faded; ugly, awful and beautiful.


You will find swashy scripts as well as blackletter – and even blackletter script! Discover more German peculiarities like ch ligatures, the u distinguisher, the initial I with hook and all kinds of eszetts, including the dreaded capital ones. Together with my sister-in-spirit Nina Stössinger, I run the Fancy Diacritics Group, where you can learn about single mark umlauts, the vertical and the negative umlaut. If you are not fond of letters, there’s also arrows. And figures. Enjoy!

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