I’ve been primarily a self-taught Jewelry Designer/Photographer since 2007. After taking two introductory jewelry making classes and one photography class I became obsessed with jewelry designing and photography. Since then I’ve amassed an extensive collection of educational resources pertaining to jewelry making, photography and business. Mind you, this is in addition to all of my photography equipment and RIDICULOUS amount of jewelry making tools and supplies.


Initially, I experimented with many different types, styles and methods of jewelry making, but my scattered focus led me everywhere and nowhere. After culling my myriad interests, I discovered that I most enjoy bead weaving; chainmaille; bead, pearl & gemstone stringing/knotting; wire wrapping, wire crochet & wire coiling; bead/stone wire wrapping; Viking Knit and jewelry up-cycling. When my schedule permits it, I also have fun teaching these skills to others. I especially like the challenge of creating & then photographing jewelry pieces made from components that have outlived their usefulness to someone else. I believe that just like people, inanimate objects also possess some measure of beauty, and can therefore serve more than one purpose in life.

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