My name is Magda Wojtyra and I am a Canadian artist and designer. Happy Sleepy is a set of projects with my cartoonist boyfriend Marc Ngui.


There is a Happy Sleepy blog and an art and toys shop on Etsy .


My art is focused on color in a major way and includes photography, digital art, and soft art (sewing). I've made beaded silk quilts and elaborate soft sculpture.


My design company RNA Studio makes art websites and visual identities for scientists and other heroes.


Marc makes drawings for many of my websites, and we often work together on larger art projects.


Between 2005 and 2011, Marc and I were traveling around the world, doing work from laptops. We traveled in Canada, Central America, South East Asia, spent a year in the French countryside, and 6 months in India and Nepal. We fell in love with Los Angeles and California for 5 months, and then drove across the continent (Utah, wow!) back to our new home in Cambridge, Ontario.


Happy Sleepy blog

Happy Sleepy shop on Etsy


Bumblenut Pictures - Marc's drawings

RNA Studio website design

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