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*Steve has passed away. His family will keep this Flickr account open for the world to enjoy his photography and humor.*

Interested in Renaissance faires (great places for photography), turtles and tortoises, fishing and camping and other outdoorsy things. And Nature Photography large and small.

flickr has lots of groups and I appreciate all the invites to them from people. I probably won't add my pictures though, to groups that require awarding and faving lots of pictures for each one added. Or to groups that require administrative approval for invited pictures or have a competitive or scoring nature to them.

Oh yeah, if you fave my girl/lady pictures and have no public pictures (or none that are "safe", you will get blocked. Square generic flickr face might get you blocked also.

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    exclusive horse says:

    "Steve is one of my favest people here in Flickr.
    He's a great friend, kind and interesting, and his event photography work is amazing, just as his creativity in the rest of his work.
    I admire him so much and hope we'll be friends for a long, long time! =)"

    August 5th, 2010

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    *. Just Like The Wind .* says:

    "There is something magical about Steve's stunning photographs: once you have looked at them and enjoyed their beauty, you can never stop feeling the wonder and joy they are able to give rise to.
    His amazing talent at taking photographs, together with the great sensitivity he always shows (both in his beautiful shots and his kind, remarkable comments), are just a few of the many reasons which have made Steve become not only a dear friend of mine, but also one of the people whose advices I am always eager to read.
    Steve's photostream is certainly one of the best tributes to the beauties of nature and animals I have ever had the pleasure to see."

    January 24th, 2008

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    © BKD Photography  says:

    "Nice guy.
    Always supportive of my efforts.
    Is a sensitive, knowledgeable and accomplished photographer."

    January 15th, 2008

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    Shutterbuglette says:

    ". . . a superb photographer. His photos tell me he has tremendous patience, is able to withstand the elements, loves wildlife, is a knowledgeable bird-watcher and has great technical and compositional skills with his camera. In addition he is a a faithfully helpful fellow who teaches and encourages photo enthusiasts less skilled than himself."

    December 24th, 2007

Steve Spitzer
September 2006
Chicago, U.S.A.
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