Welcome to my flickr stream. If you haven't fallen asleep with the boredom of trawling through my crap, well done. Perhaps you like it after all!!
I'm just an average guy, who is skint and can't afford a lot of fancy gear, but every now and again I'm lucky enough to be lent some as I've made some great friends on here. One day my ship will come in I'm sure.
I've been at this for about 18 months, though despite having delusions of being a great street photographer I don't think I cut it really. I'm not giving up the day job just yet!!!
I like to catalogue the daily drudge of life with a sprinkling of humour and cynicism. I love street photography, and people are wonderful subjects, everyone different in their own unique way..

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And one more thing please, if your buddy icon is this buddyicon and you want to show me pictures of your cock/anus/fat wife in hideous corsets or yourself getting banged up the back passage then please don't even consider adding me as a contact. I'm not into it and I will block you, thank you.

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Current Kit:
Nikon D80 with 18-135mm, Tamron 70-300mm and a 50mm f1.8 (I couldn't afford an f1.4).

Nikon D40 my first digital that helped on the road of my addiction.

Minolta 7000 SLR This was my first proper camera, though at the time I got it, it was like upgrading from a clapped out Ford Fiesta (one of those 110 cartridge cameras) to a Lotus Elise!!!!
Minolta 7000 AF

Zenit 12XP with a knackered light meter Actually my wife's camera, but since it was stuck in a cupboard for the past 12 years I thought I'd give it a try!
Zenit 12XP

Fujica 605N A gift from a Flickr friend. So far have run one film through it but not had it developed yet.
Fujica 605N

Olympus Trip 35 I couldn't resist one of these.
Olympus Trip 35

Agilux Agifold A 60 year old medium format relic with a rangefinder and a maximum shutter speed of 1/150 second.
Agilux Agifold

Kodak Retinette IB In full working order, and has given me some nice pictures.
Kodak Retinette IB

Lomo Fisheye II Great fun!!
Lomo Fisheye II

Mamiya C3 TLR A real beauty
Mamiya C3 TLR

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    jonron239 says:

    "Rob's stream is a delight to drop by - an ever-changing pick and mix, often accompanied by a story told with dry humour - don't be fooled though, there are excellent shots to be found here."

    April 1st, 2010

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    Bill16STN says:

    "What can I say? Rob is a blimmin excellent photographer with the ability to capture the most wonderful of "street portraits". He has an eye for capturing what the vast majority of us would miss & then (damn it!) has the temerity to present it in a refreshingly "tongue in cheek" manner! Cheers mate!
    (can I have my tener now?)"

    November 8th, 2009

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    Mike, H says:

    "Just like to say that Rob takes some great street shots, I wish I could take pictures of the same quality. Every time I log into flickr I enjoy looking at what he has uploaded each day. Oh and yes I agree talk about wrong arrest for Hanger 72. Keep up the good work

    October 27th, 2009

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    " Enid Agnus Dei " says:

    "What this guy does is amazing, sadly Flickr banned him before without good reason, but he is back and keeping me amazed with his images the angle and subjects he takes are very clever and i am learning alot from him, must try some of these myself .....

    Hope Flickr leaves him alone now to get on with his great work and share it with us all ."

    August 6th, 2009

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    whitbychips3 says:

    "If ever there was a 'wrongful arrest' here on flickr, it was the bounce on Hanger 72.
    You could not wish to have a better friend on here than Rob.
    A guy who is striving to produce top class photography.....a guy who sees life and photographs it.

    Well done buddy."

    July 28th, 2009