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Thank you to all who visit and take the time to comment and fave. Your feedback is much appreciated!! Please...NO flashy awards or glitzy animated group invites. I will delete them. I am more than happy with a comment or a fave. Many thanks.

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I have another stream here - for my family snaps.

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    La Route says:

    "Since we became "friends" early in my career as a Flickerite, Jo Hammond has been a wonderful, attentive contact with the nicest things to say about the photos one loves and posts.

    She, as a photographer, is going from good to excellent. As an artist, she has that eye both for colour and composition and shows great tenderness in her portraits of her family and of her hairy friends. Her love of flowers has given us some beautiful captures, and of food, a series of pretty scrumptious shots.

    She is talking of a trip to France and a round of "Food Visits and Tasting" and I hope we can share some of our common interests: food, art and of course photography whilst she's here"

    January 7th, 2007

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    Negative Vibes says:

    "Before you dip into Jo's stream, be aware that time travel is possible.

    Should you decide to take a long hard look (which I heartily recommend) make certain you don't have a bus to catch… you'll wonder where the time went. Because before you know what's happening your casual dip into her stream will land you up to your neck in some of the most fabulous images that can be seen on Flickr.

    There is a phrase that goes "My jaw hit the floor" - this is now possible. Especially when you witness her black and white images, or take a peek at the Birbie Island set, but I talk of a small section of Jo's stream, stretch yourself further, look deeper, you'll be glad and inspired that you did.
    I try, Jo achieves - needless to say Jo is an extremely talented photographer.

    As a relative newcomer to Flickr myself, Jo became one of my earliest contacts. Since then Jo has shown great support in my stream along with friendly advice and banter. A true Flickr friend. My only disappointment is that Jo is too far away to tell her in person.

    Look into her stream, I guarantee the 'fave' button will get hot."

    December 18th, 2006

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    stephcarter says:

    "I look forward to Jo's postings every day. Her photos are artistic, but what I find most inspiring about them is the joy in the otherwise mundane details of life they convey. I always experience a sense of delight - and often surprise - going through her photostream. She takes risks and always seems to look at things with fresh eyes.
    Also...she's a very supportive and kind flickr friend!"

    December 16th, 2006

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    ~Think Peace ~ says:

    "Where do I start?! She is an amazing photographer. The way she captures moments and nature will blindlessy leave you in a tranquil setting. She is of course one of the best on here. Keep doing what you are doing Joe, we all are here, waiting for the next capture.
    Chels :)"

    December 9th, 2006

August 2006
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