Obscure novelist, professional copywriter, painter, illustrator, occasional photographer.

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    Ape Lad says:

    "What can be said about halcyonsnow that hasn't already been said, written, sung, or immortalized in chalk and sweat?
    What can I possibly add to the legend?
    I was going to write something about Manface, but I see that's been covered.
    Let me say only this, then: halcyonsnow is a very funny fellow...right!*

    *This also happens to be the title of a 1963 Bill Cosby album, but I'd like to think that's just a coincidence."

    April 24th, 2008

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    vikingmidget says:

    "Halcyonsnow has always been very intense. Even when we were babies. He was Baby Manface. I think the first book he read may have been something by Kurt Vonnegut. He also delighted in getting me in trouble with authority figures, namely our humorless Grandfather. I would be unjustly framed and exiled to the room of Grandfather. I could hear Baby Manface mocking...laughing....laughing ...mocking through the wall while I was subjected to Mash re-runs and stony silence..

    I like him now....alot. He has the same hair of Baby Manface but my therapist thinks we're beyond that now."

    February 22nd, 2008

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    Subspace says:

    "Halcyon will drive you to the airport at any time of day, ask no questions, and hug you when you leave. Halcyon will concede your claim that the spider in the hallway was "unusually aggressive" and then dispatch it forthwith. Halcyon will lend you any book -- even a precious one -- and when you don't return it he will spend more energy on finding a replacement for it then he will on hating your guts. Halcyon will eat your slightly burnt brusselsprout experiment even though he just wanted a steak for dinner. After the apocalypse, Halcyon will share the last of the coffee with you."

    June 2nd, 2007

Mike Peterson
October 2005
Everett WA
Olympia WA, United States
I am:
Halcyon Snow Illustrations