Update 1-5-11: with the start of the new year I have met a few good people and talked to others. Looking forward to all the great friends and adventures this year has in store.


Artist looking to network, make friends, and if possible colaborate with people from all over on various projects and styles of work.


written in 3rd person because it's easier that way right now.


The artist known as Guru Sno aka Gill grew up in the Bronx, New York during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Gill was never one to color inside the lines. He always chose to step outside the box, never following the lines that society and his peers so often tread upon. As a young Man, rather than conform to the music and dress of his peers, he followed bands like The Cure, The Clash, Chemical Brothers and Kraftwerk, while sporting a Mohawk, leather jacket and combat boots.

His early artwork reflects the time, place and culture that surrounded him as a young man. Many of his early works were graffiti type pieces (not always done on paper). As he grew, so did his love of art. In the early 80’s trained in most of the “classical” art forms, but still maintaining his “outside the box” mentality. He also has a deep passion for technology mostly in the form of computers. This man was online and surfing the web before most of us even knew it existed.

The love of art and technology led him to a degree in graphic art as well as computer IT. These duel passions have led him to work in both fields. He has worked as both a graphic artist, doing print work for advertising and IT work for some high profile firms.

Gill has continued to grow as an artist. He has gone back to his “classical” roots, taking up oil painting. He can often be found “brushing up” on his skills as a graphic artist. Now he has stepped into the realm of digital photography.

Those who know Gill can attest to the fact he never steps lightly into anything. Rather he jumps in, body and soul and I think this is reflected in the pictures he has taken. He never thinks something can’t be done. Often he may say “The shot may be difficult to get but………..” and then he goes about getting just the shot he wants.

The artist known as Guru Sno will continue to evolve as well as the man known as Gill. Here's to the evolution of both.

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  • JoinedOctober 2009
  • OccupationGraphic Artist
  • HometownBronx, NY
  • Current cityStaten Island, NY
  • Countryusa
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