I am a professional security consultant and a semi-pro photographer. If you're here, you're probably more interested in my animal photos than anything else.

I started on this hobby because I wanted to see as many species of animals as I could before they went extinct. As I got deeper into it, I found that many zoos are no longer cages full of desperation, but are now serving as our last ditch rescue attempt for many species. They are the firefighters trying to keep animals alive as the rest of us continue to play with matches.

Many people contact me for permission to use my photos. So here's the deal...

1) If you want to use my photos for commercial purposes, contact me. I have reasonable rates, and I have to pay for new camera gear somehow, right?

2) If you want to use my photos for non-commercial purposes (i.e., you won't be charging), you may use my photos so long as I am credited. The proper way to credit me is "Josh More - www.starmind.org". If you can make that a link, all the better.

3) If you are an AZA or CAZA accredited zoo, or are somehow otherwise working in animal conservation, you can use my photos for free for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. All I ask is that I be credited where reasonable and that I get a copy of what you make (where feasible).

Zoos have used my photos on calendars, postcards, posters, newsletters and signs. Some have talked about t-shirts, bags and other things like that. If it raises money to help animals, I'm in favor.

If you want me to come to your zoo and take photos specifically for you, odds are that I'm interested. I've done portraits of new babies for marketing, portraits of people with animals for fund raising, shots of specific animals for sign refresh projects. I am also working on a book and class around zoo photography that I can run as fundraisers for zoos.

Basically, I want to help the animals, but because of my career path, I cannot do it directly. If you're on the front line of animal conservation, email me. Let's talk.

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Josh More
September 2005
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