I was born, picked up a camera, got on a bike and started exploring my urban environment. As a child I lived near an airport, so I took photos of planes. I rode a bike to get around, so then I raced the bike, too. And then I took photos of bicycles. And flowers, birds, trees, roads, buses, trains, cars, even people. Anything I passed or was passed by.

Oh yes; the cars. I got a car to carry my cameras as I was getting a bit top-heavy with bodies and lenses on the bike!.

I really wanted an Alfa Romeo but got a Golf instead. And then another. Eventually I worked my way back to an Alfa via Swift Gtis and suchlike. Basically I should have saved my money and bought an Alfa first up. Or just stuck with the bike!

As for cameras, I started with a Box Brownie then an Instamatic, an Olympus Trip 35, a brace of Pentax SLRs, a Mamiya 645 and a Polaroid SX70. Did my own black and white and Ektachrome processing and printing. Also did drawing and painting, often abstracts. And then I bought a computer circa 1985 and everything went digital, if slowly at first. I now use a Nikon dSLR (D50 and 5200) and an Epson scanner. Photoshop et al are way more powerful and cleaner than dipping my fingers in chemicals in a dark room... so there you have it!

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Rob Russell
July 2006
Gosford, NSW, Australia
I am:
Male and Taken
Blogger, consultant, media creator
Rob's Mostly Digital Image Blog