I like to find beauty in the world around me...it's everywhere! I love textures, patterns, bold geometric shapes and colors. I love the decay of things people have made--they're a sign of the ultimate triumph of nature. I also like sacred sites--I'm not particular about which religion reveres them, but the older and more mysterious the better.


Technically speaking, there's a mixed bag here. I've scanned old negatives and slides, but I've also scanned some prints when the negatives weren't available. My first digital camera was a Kodak DC-50 I bought cheap on eBay. I had to quit using it when one of the kitties knocked it off the desk and something broke inside. I've been through several digital cameras and cell phones since then. I'm not big on fancy equipment.


My experiences scanning old negatives has led me to experiment with taking 35mm black and white pictures, then developing the negatives myself and scanning them. Call them hybrids.


Just about everything you see here has been given some digital treatment.

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