I've always loved photography. One of my early photos as a child was a picture of a banana on a doormat. This was slowly followed by 'mango on a doormat', but the series never took off.... I'm a creative person with a very limited imagination, but I am loving having to think really hard about what I would like my next picture to be. Partly why I've taken part in two 365 photo projects.

I am very interested in exploring lomo, pinhole and polaroid photography too - but the budget and time constraints won't always allow. All in good time. I like retro looks in pictures. Not a huge fan of HDR (I don't get it) but I'm willing to learn most styles. I also try and use natural light in my photos as much as possible because I hate the look of artificial light. So stick me by a big window and I'll have a field day!

Other interests of mine are music, singing, graphic design, shopping, creative dressing (!) and socialising. And there's more, much more........... I'm on Twitter - find me here

((I don't mind you using my pics on your blog or graphics as long as you credit me, noticably, on your site or page - and it's nice to let me know you're doing it too!))

If you want to add me, that's great! I will add you back if I like your style and pics, but if your photos are upsetting or distasteful or your comments are weird and freaky, I'll block you. Also, if you have no avatar or no photos available to me, I will block you.

You can buy prints of some of my photos here

~*erin*~. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

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    melcakes88 says:

    "Not only is she an amazing friend but an uttlerly amazing photographer. I love her photos and think that she should take it up as a profession!
    I also feel that she is an inspiration and very VERY talented :) I love her fun creative photos and I'm quite envious of her ideas as they are just awesome!
    :)Keep up the good work loverly lady! :)"

    March 23rd, 2009

January 2007
Nr. London, UK
I am:
Female and Taken
Assistant Manager in a store
musings of a so-called shutterbug