These days I am primarily a large format (8x10, 5x7 and 4x5) and medium format film photographer making images of landscapes, still lifes, portraits or whatever catches my eye. I use 35mm film rangefinder cameras for street photography work. I also shoot pinhole cameras and even the occasional Holga or other plastic light gathering device. I prefer to use film but will also shoot digital or with an iPhone where it is the best choice for the given situation. I do all my own film developing and darkroom printing and am venturing into alternative processes more and more for select works.


Reproduction of the images marked "All rights reserved", found in any of my galleries, in any way, manner or form is strictly prohibited without written consent from me, Gregg P. Obst. Please take note of the licensing label on each photo. Some are marked as Creative Commons Non-Commercial use with attribution, most are not.



If you add me as a contact but you do not have any photos in your photostream, I will consider you a spammer and I will block you and remove any comments you have placed in my photosteam. I've been getting a lot of SPAM comments lately and I will not put up with it. Let's keep Flickr fun folks.

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