My photos on Flickr are mainly dedicated to George. George was left behind after his can openers moved to another city. After a detour in the neighborhood he could no longer enter his house. No one came home after a long wait. The new residents of the house did not like cats and chased him again and again. George found that incomprehensible and it confused him. George spent a cold winter in the gardens of his block of houses. He was very hungry, cold and very lonely. When George was very starving, someone brought him to the animal shelter. He sat there for a long time until he was ready for adoption again. Then I met him. It was love at first sight from both sides. George presumably had broken one or more ribs. He has a bad heart. He suffers from dizziness and sometimes falls. George is the sweetest cat I ever had. He also has osteoarthritis. But fortunately George is a born optimist and makes a very happy impression.

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Charming photos filled with heart and humour :):)

July 30, 2018