I was born and bred in North Carolina. Currently, I live in Delémont, Switzerland.

Back in the day, I got a PhD in Entomology. I conducted field research in Mexico and some bench studies in Germany, hence the pics from those two places, particularly of plants and insects. My work takes me a lot of places as well. For example, I was based in Rome for four years, so now I have a lot of pictures of Italy.

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    drp says:

    "If Melanie were a stock, I'd invest in her now. This young woman is simply bursting with potential. She has a great eye for capturing the very small world around us, and for adding a human touch to the one at large. I hope one day she'll autograph my copy of National Geographic with her shot on the cover. Keep up the good work!"

    December 13th, 2004

Melanie Bateman
August 2004
Asheville, NC
Delémont, Switzerland
I am:
International Civil Servant (I work for one of the UN agencies)