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Community activist for social justice and the environment.

If you reuse any of my Creative Commons licensed photos anywhere (web, print, etc.), please add a comment to the photo here on Flickr describing how you used the photo, including a weblink if there is one. You might also consider adding the picture(s) you use to your Flickr favourites. Thanks.

For ease of browsing, I make sure that each of my photos is in at least one set (with some photos being in multiple sets).

Big thanks to my friend Splorp who gave me my first pro Flickr membership.

Climate Change Protest Some of you may have found your way here thanks to this photo illustration I did based on photos that were put into the Creative Commons by a couple of other Flickrites.

Photos of Grant Neufeld (12)

  • The Raging Grannies at Occupy Calgary by Regan Evans Photo
  • International Women's Day - 2013: Idle No More by Wanderfull1
  • anti-racism rally - Nov 21, 2010 - Grant by Wanderfull1
  • Pro Democracy Demonstration - March 2012 - Grant 2 by Wanderfull1
  • Grant by Wanderfull1
  • Pro Democracy Demonstration - March 2012 - Grant 1 by Wanderfull1
  • Disability on the Move 2012 - Grant Neufeld by Wanderfull1
  • A familiar face takes a look back by thivierr
  • Pit Stop by Buglugs
  • Paparazzi..? by Buglugs
  • The Bubble Lady by Buglugs
  • Taking Flight From Melrose Bar by Buglugs

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    photo.envy says:

    "Oh, what can I say about Grant, the photographer?
    He's dedicated to it. He's always got his camera, and he's always taking powerful shots. If anyone I know is going to get an accidental Pulitzer for an activism-related photo, It's Grant.
    I notice he's focusing on the creative side of photography moreso since his new camera was purchased, and he's come up with some really interesting experimental shots, and hasn't left his activisty, journalistic photos.

    A bang-up fellow, all around!"

    January 8th, 2007

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    chelscore says:

    "Grant's a local activist hero, great friend, and a skilled photographer. Not to mention a world-class olympic square dancer... woe to those who challenge him to a dance-off!"

    November 5th, 2006

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    Henry T. Goat says:

    "Baa baa, baaaah. Bah baaa baa baa baaah!"

    August 11th, 2006

Grant Neufeld
February 2005
Calgary, Canada
Grant Neufeld