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I've been taking photographs for as long as I can remember, my first camera, I bought at a scout jumble sale. I can't remember what it was, except it was all manual back in those days, even focus had to be determined using a range-finder - but all that stuff teaches you the art properly.

Since then I have haemorrhaged money on photographic equipment....but I don't think I regret any single purchase.

I naturally progressed onto 35mm SLR stuff as soon as I could afford to and at one time owned the legendary Olympus OM1 (after trying out some of the other Olympus alternatives).

I eventually wound up working for an advertising agency that had its own photographic studio. Although I joined as a Graphic Artist, I soon started meddling with the kit and wound up developing and running a division for Audio Visual, basically multiple 35mm slide projectors controlled by a computer. This involved a certain discipline of photography; shooting full frame 35mm slide with bursts of sequential movement.

Ultimately, we took more control of the studio, eventually running our own imaging suite with a high-resolution slide imaging head, sickles rostrum camera and custom compound table, continuous E6 processing line, etc etc. This all sounds gobbledygook now...but to anyone who knows, it was the muts nutz!

Working in that environment allowed me to accumulate other cameras and for a spell, I played around with medium format and still have a C330 and a 645...I never owned a Hasselblad although we had two in the studio.

Nowadays, I shoot on a 5D MkII and a Galaxy S7e - Yes, I take pictures using my phone, but I put the same love into phone pictures as my SLR!

My other passion of diving has meant I now challenge myself to try to bring back underwater memories, my current rig is the 5D III in a Sea & Sea MDX housing with two Inon Z240 Strobes (underwater flash guns) and a focusing light.

I class myself as an amateur / hobbyist, as most of the work I see from my colleagues is so much better than mine. I don't go out looking for shots or planning them. I guess I'm more of a journalistic style photographer?

Some of the photos here are work-related and are for reference, some are snaps that people might find interesting and some are more.

Whichever ones you choose to look at...enjoy!

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