Brian Weis is the Editor of, a network of golf travel and directory sites including,,,, etc. In addition to writing and administering the content of the sites, he hosts the Golf Wisconsin online radio podcast.


All of his life Brian has been around the game of golf. As a youngster, Brian competed at all levels in junior and high school golf. Brian had zero chance for a college golf scholarship so he worked at West Bend Country Club on grounds crew to pay for his education at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. In his adult years, his passion for the game collided with his entrepreneurial spirit and in 2004 launched In 2007, the idea of a network formed and was born.


Today, he is known as a fierce weekend warrior that carries a 14 handicap when he is betting and a 7 handicap when he is bragging. With a soft fade known as "The Weis Slice" and booming 300+ drives, he can hit it out of bounds with the best of them.

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  • JoinedFebruary 2007
  • OccupationGolf Publisher
  • HometownWest Bend, WI
  • Current cityRichfield, WI
  • CountryUSA
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