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    A.M.J says:

    "a guy who has an amazing shots

    wish him all luck ;)"

    October 17th, 2005

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    pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    "GODOLPHIN is one of the most talented Photographers!!! Mashalla 3alaih Fanan!!!

    I LOOOOOOOOVE his pics, They're Very Unique!!!

    He's also a Very Friendly Person With A Great personality!!

    Keep Up The Excellent Work....Always Looking Forward For Ur Awesome Pics (Y) You're My Inspiration!!!"

    September 6th, 2005

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    Aisha-uae says:

    " Unique no one like GODOLPHIN .

    وبالعربي عيني عليك بارده مصور موهوب بالفطره ، و المامك بالكاميرا رائع .

    الله يحفظك و يوفقك دوم"

    September 1st, 2005

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    ღWild Lilyღ says:

    " There are many good photographers in flickr, but i have to confess that your are a unique one with a different style & ideas..

    Keep it up bro :)

    Wild Lily ^_^"

    August 24th, 2005

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    al 3amrei says:

    "مشاء الله عليك...
    صورك ماعليهاااا كلام
    بالتوفييق ^_^"

    August 19th, 2005

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    Dovaneh says:

    "Every single thing looks special and unique when it comes to a photo GODOLPHIN shots. He has a special touch in choosing the time, angle and subject. He is a Master that can not be competed in Night Shots. He gives an extra attention to things sometimes can not be noticed. A very talented local photographer which is rarely to be found nowadays."

    June 11th, 2005

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    Thursd@y says:

    "I just cant describe u

    you r amaaaaaaaaaaaazing

    I lov ur pics

    keep it bro"

    May 26th, 2005

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    binlumiyeh says:

    i just passed by here to tell u that i really adore the talent in ur pic,
    besides i found out u r a person who really desire to be respected !!
    so,, thanx bro!"

    April 24th, 2005

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    workable hall says:

    ".. i dont know u but ur pics is talented and amazing .. i can see u throught them so keep the positive side of u .. go GODOLPHIN 2 the best"

    April 14th, 2005

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    HaMeD!caL says:

    "Jut beyond the lines of photography. ingrave pictures to justify a preternatural sculpture. Cling to the nature with a mysterious spell in order to mold spectacular ornaments."

    April 3rd, 2005

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    Deem says:

    "Good photographs are seen in the mind's eye before the shutter is tripped, but they are made in the darkroom. For it is the final stage of photography -in the production of negative and print- that the creative vision is realized in a picture meant to be looked at, admired, perhaps honoured.."

    March 19th, 2005

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    hilarious test says:

    "well ..sometimes words are not enough to describe the feelings that we have when looking at his photos.. GODOLPHIN pics are really stunning, every pic have a story or tells a feeling that he had.. good luck and keep it up.."

    February 23rd, 2005

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    ahead silver says:

    "I have underestimated Godolphin and he surprised me lately with breathtaking pictures ...
    very talented, i actually took alotta ideas from this guy.
    way to go Godolphin ,,keep this up"

    February 20th, 2005

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